My Testimonials

“Great to be picked up from college, Andrew slowed my speed down and got me through. I have recommended him to my mates, Cheers Andrew”.
Arran Cole Student PASSED 04/2010

“I learnt to drive with Andrew, to begin with I was very shy and nervous. Andrew's calm manner and detailed instructions helped calm me down and I was able to learn and gain confidence. I took my theory test and passed 1st time, once I had done this I was over the moon, so I booked my practical test and passed with flying colours. I am happy I chose Andrew... thank you”.
Rebecca Coombs – Tele Sales Exec PASSED 03/2011

" A great instructor is patient, friendly. Helped me think about being safe on the raods, to become a good driver..Recommened him to my friends and family.. All the best".    Warwick test centre 

Charlotte. PASSED 06/2011

" Thanks for getting me through the test FIRST TIME !. Been great to know you and giving me good advice for driving, after the test. Thanks and all the best" Warwick test centre 

Richard. PASSED 10/2011

"Yahoo !!! Passed FIRST TIME Warwick test centre .Been great having you as an instructor. helpfull. Fun you have a good way to teach. It worked on me not been an easy pupil. All the best .Sure I can definitly recommened you"

BEN. PASSED 10/2011

KATIE: Passed on the 25/06/2012 Warwick test. Centre ... " Cannot believe it!. Great Instructor and patient. Thanks".     JESS : Passed on the 2/07/2012 Redditch test centre .. " Agood Instructor. Thanks for your patient manor. Recommend you for sure.  


MeganPassed.  11/01/2019


Tom.Passed first time. 04/01/2019

Kurt Passed first time. 02/02/2019

Hannah Passed 11/12/2018

Arron Passed. 10/12/2018



 Amelia Passed. 05/12/2018

 Ethan. Passed. 22/11/2018




Jack Passed. 12/11/2018

Zoe Passed.31/10/2018

Sophia Passed. 17/10/2018

Tom Passed6/10/2018

Anthony Passed.6/09/2018

Kirsty Passed. 29/08/2018

Howie Passed. 31/07/2018

Ryan Passed. 30/07/2018

Jack Passed. 26/07/2018



Herbert Passed. 25/07/2018


Isabella Passed. 24/07/2018

Liam Passed. 11/07/2018


May Passed. 29/06/2018


Isaac Passed. 28/06/2018


KATHIK PASSED. 25/05/2012. Redditch test centre 


ABBEY PASSED 3/07/2012 Redditch test centre "thanks Andrew will recommend you no problem"                   

 ALZIV PASSED> 19/04/2012 Redditch test centre

ASHLEY passed 2013 Redditch test centre " Really good instructor.Thanks"  

Jordan Passed 9/04/2013. Redditch test centre  "First time great result. thanks to a good instructor"       

Amy Passed 19/09/2013.First time!! Warwick test centre "A really fun time learning with Andrew. Thanks for being a good instructor".          

 RACHEL. PASSED Redditch test centre  18/11/2013.First Time            


PASSED Warwick test centre 3/12/2013. First Time "Really good instructor! thanks" soph 


PASSED Redditch test centre  24/12/2013. 3 Minors. "Patient instructor. very happy with Andy. Thanks again. Awsome!".

Eve Passed. 25/02/2014 Redditch T.C." Yipee great stuff thanks to my instructor"

Dave Passed Redditch T.C 14/04/2014 "Great instructor Thanks "Dave

ABBEY Passed 15/04/2014. WARWICK test centre." Great person patient.A good instructor so if you want a good instructor recommend Andy" 

ABBIE Passed. Kingsheath tc 14/08/2014 FiRST TIME!.."could not have done it without you. good instructor"..Abbie

Oliver passed. Warwick test centre 16/09/2014  first timer." think he is a good instructor will be recommending him Thanks".. Olive

ELLIE . FIRST TIMER PASSED 24/09/2014. Warwick test. Centre."Glad I picked ldrivethe wrightway. He is Fab and I passed!!.Try him he is worth it." Ellie

CLAIRE. Passed. Redditch  only 2 MINORS brilliant result.23/10/2014. "Thanks for everything and will recommend you" claire

ROGE. Passed.23/10/2014. Redditch test centre  Have a good celerbration!! well done.

 KEVIN PASSED  5/09/2014.kingsheath test centre"good instructor if you need one recommend him".. Kevin

Joe Passed 6/09/2014.  Redditch test centre FIRST TIME..." Cannot believe it.  good instructor".. Joe

James Passed.  Redditch. Test. Centre. 8/09/2014. FIRST TIME.. " Great ! thanks for everything good instructor".. James

EMILY Passed. Warwick test centre 10/09/2014 FIRST TIME ." good instructor could have done more independent driving but overall good. Cannot believe i did it"... Emily

Kelly Passed FIRST TIME 22/09/2014 Redditch t. c.  " Just amazing never thought it would happen then started with Andrew and I'm passed".. Kelly

ROB PASSED. 11/06/2014 
Garretts green test centre
FIRST Time. With  1 MINOR

RIA. PASSED FIRST Time. 22/12/2014. 
Warwick test centre 
With only
1 MINOR. Great result

       Michelle. Passed Kingsheath test centre 28/07/2014" FIRST TIME with 2 MINORS. Great result!!! Thnks for you help" michelle


Oliver Passed. 17/01/2019

Pareet .Passed.first time. 14/01/2019


Sam Passed.



Royan Passed. 20/06/2018



Anthony Passed. 18/06/2018


Jack Passed. 16/06/2018



Daniel Passed. 30/05/2018


Calvin Passed. 12/05/2018


Millie Passed. 03/05/2018


Jack Passed. 20/04/2018


Benjamin Passed. 19/04/2018


Thomas Passed. 11/04/2018


Chloe Passed. 9/04/2018



Tom Passed.



Grace Passed.



Thomas Passed. 20/03/2018


Stewart Passed. 22/02/2018


Jade Passed. 20/02/2018


Carl Passed. 30/01/2018. "Thank you . really good instructor"


Mark Passed 08/01/2018

 Ryan PASSEED 20/07/2017. Well Done. "thanks Andy well pleased" Ryan

 Valentin PASSED 27/07/2017. Redditch test centre.. "Thanks Andy for being patient. lessons have been good. Thanks again" Valentin

 PAULA. Passed. 08/08/2017. "Thank you Andrew for being Amazing" Paula.

Jack. Passed. 18/08/2017. "Thanks for your help, yep a good instructor" Jack 

Olivia Passed 09/09/2017. "Great thanks for everthing"


Teagan PASSED First time 23/08/2017, with me!." Thanks Andrew. Yeah!" Teagan

 Pippa Passed 22/09/2017. Warwick test centre. Brilliant!. " Amazing instructor. couldn'thave done it without his patientce and support" Pippa

   Brandon Passed.First Time.  Redditch. 24/05/2017. "good instructor, patient. You let learner find out what they need to do to improve". thanks" Brandon

 Josh passed First Time. 01/06/2017. " Thorough instructor. Helped a lot. thanks Andrew"..Josh

Charlotte PASSED 21/06/2017. Thanks Andrew for everything. Been a great help. Recommend Andrew"Charlotte



Matt PASSED First Time 23/06/2017. " Yep Great. Thanks good teacher"

Mahul. PASSED 27/06/2017.." Very good instructor. Makes learning to drive feel easy". Mahul

 Debbie PASSED 17/07/2017. Redditch test centre. Brilliant. "Best instructor,patient. Thanks" Deb


OLLY PASSED.First Time.20/03/2017. Redditch test centre. Well Done!.  "Thanks Andrew . without youre help would been hard Thanks". Olly


Becky Passed.22/03/2017. Redditch test centre. " Brilliant cant believe it . Thanks Andy" Bex

 James PASSED. First time.29/03/2017." thanks Andy been a brilliant instructor" James


Edward. PASSED. 03/04/2017.Redditch test centre. " Brilliant. Patient and helpful.Explains how to do the drive well" Edward..

ALSO.   ALEX Passed 05/04/2017. Redditch. " thanks for everything. Good instructor . helps work  through any problem with your drive".. Alex

Owen. PASSED First Time. Redditch test centre.27/04/2017. Well done... " Really good instructor. explained everything well. Thank you very much Andrew. " Owen


JAKE. PASSED. Redditch test centre. 10/01/2017. "Yeah.fun. thanks for everything. Good instructor" jake


Helen. PASSED. Warwick test centre 11/01/2017 Well done!!. "Good instructor.had a laugh. Thanks for everything" Helen


Daniel. PASSED. Warwick test centre 12/01/2017."Great!. Thanks for you're help and support a patient friendly instructor will recommend" D

Isabella. PASSED. 18/01/2017. First Time. Redditch test centre."brilliant. Thanks for everything. Yeah!" Isabella

 Geoff. PASSED.First Time!. 07/02/2017. Redditch t.c.Great!.. " Thank's Andy . Friendly and a good laugh. Made me feel at ease. Good instructor".. Geoff

 Sanashio Passed. Redditch test centre 22/11/2016. "Thank's Andrew. Cannot Believe it!..Great instructor". Sanashio



 Chantelle. Passed. Redditch test centre. 28/11/2016. "Thank's Andrew for your help and patience lol. " Chantelle

        VIVIAN. PASSED 02/12/2016. Redditch test centre. " Andrew is the BEST instructor. Thanks".. Vivian

         Nikki. PASSED. Warwick test centre. 22/12/2016. "Can't believe it. Great instructor. Yeah!!.". Nikki














Sarah Passed Kingsheath test centre 2/01/2015. "good instructor. patient and enjoyed the lessons Thanks for everything" Sarah


Natalie passed.  Kingsheath test centre 13/01/2015 . Great start to the year. A nice person. Well deserved. BRILL!!. "Thanks for everything". NAt


3 Minors.Well done stay safe. "thanks for everything. Will recommended" MATT. Passed 26/02/2015 Redditch test centre.



HAMID. PASSED.Warwick test centre. 14/02/2015.The only result !! only 3 minors. "Great person".







Vick passed. 15/04/2015. at Redditch test centre. "Thanks Andrew for everything and your help in getting me through test. Great! will recommend you. Thanks again" Vick

DAVID. PASSED 11/03/2015 AT REDDITCH TEST CENTRE. "Good instructor. Friendly and definateintly recommend him" Dav

                    DANNY. Passed 26/03/2015 at Garrets Green Test Centre. A Great guy Good luck in the future....."Thanks Andrew for everything. Been great enjoyed the lessons .A good teacher . Thanks will be recommending you". Dan


JOE PASSED first TIME AT REDDITCH TEST CENTRE 21/09/2015. Great result and good luck in the future. " Yes great Thanks for everything" Joe

GEMMA. Passed at Redditch test centre. 3 Minors.. 24/09/2015. A Really nice person. Its been great!!. "Could not have done it without you. Thanks" Gemma

WILLIAM. Passed at WARWICK Test Centre. FIRST TIME! Yes. 3 Minors  24/09/2015. Same as Gemma. Great person.. " Thanks good instructor. Will certainly recommend" William

TOM. Passed at Redditch test centre. 2/11/2015. Great person well deserved..."Good Instructor. Thank's for everything" Tom

Harpreet Passed today.03/12/2015 at Rugby test center.Well Done !. A very nice person. stay safe and all the best in the future...  " Great instructor. Had good fun on the lessons and recommend Andrew . Could not have done it without him." Harpreet

Amber Passed 7/12/2015 At Redditch. Well Done and good luck in the new year.very nice person.. . ." Good Instructor and made you feel relaxed when driving . Certainly Recommend Andrew".. Amber


CALLUM PASSED Today. 15/12/2015. Redditch test center. Great person well deserved....." Amazing Instructor. Very Helpful made me feel confident as a driver.Anyone want an instructor Recommend Andrew". Callum

Pravesh passed at Rugby test centre 22/01/2016. "A really good instructor and will recommend Andrew Thanks for everything" Prevesh

           Katie. Passed 30/11/2016.Redditch t.c." Been a great learning to drive exsperience with Andrew. Thank's. Wooh!. Katie

Reece passed 26/01/2016 at Redditch " thanks for everthing been a good instructor" Reece

Sylvia Passed 11/02/2016Reddtch test centre. Well done Happy. " Andrew was patient and helped achieved my goals, teaching at a pace that suited my needs. Will recommend Andrew. Thanks very Happy" Sylvia

Adam Passed 17/02/2016.First Time. At Redditch test centre. 3 minnors. " Thanks Andrew" Adam

 TOM. Passed 23/02/2016. FIRST TIME. Well done great result.."A good instructor helpful and friendly. Thanks for everything" Tom


Passed 29/02/2016.Redditch test centre 2Well Done.. "Glad I did driving with Andrew .A friendly, good teacher. recommend Andrew". James

Hannah. Passed 7/03/2016.First Time! At Warwick test centre. A great result well done. safe driving.."thanks for being a good instructor. HAPPY". Hannah

Ben PASSED 12/04/2016. Rugby test centre." Thanks for everthing" Ben

Joe PASSED 11/04/2016. Redditch test centre." First time!!. Thanks Andy for getting through" Joe.  SEE THESE TWO ON FACEBOOK.



Jamie PASSED 19/05/2016 Redditch test centre. " great instructor . Thanks for getting me through ". Jamie

Nathalie. PASSED First time!. Bromsgrove test centre 20/05/2016. " Thanks Andy for everything.Couldn't have done it without you" Natty.

  HAYLEY PASSED at Warwick 19/07/2016. Well done "Yeeah Thanks . Top instructor Amazing" Haley

 NATHAN PASSED FIRST TIME. At Redditch T,C. 9/08/2016." Cheers Andrew. Thanks for everything" Nathan

SIAN PASSED FIRST TIME. At Redditch T.C .9/08/2016. "WOOOOOO. Thanks again for getting my confidence back to drive" SIAN

 CHARLI. PASSED First time. Redditch t.c. 13/09/2016. " Thank you Andrew. Could not have done it without you ..Brill" Charli

 Donna PASSED First time . Redditch t.c. 16/09/2016. Well Done " Thanks for everything! Yeah" . Donna

LUCY PASSED. FIRST TIME. At Redditch test centre, on 04/11/2016. Well done!." Thanks Andrew for your help and support. A good instructor !". Lucy
































PACER> Passed.Warwick test centre. 19/10/2020.Brilliant drive."A punctual,pleasant natured, instructor. Making learning more easy going. Recommend him".Pacer ALICIA> Passed Redditch test cetre. 29/10/2020. " A patient and reliable instructor. made to feel comfortable driving. Encouraging you to drive well.Very good instructor" Alicia         

DAN. Passed First time. 09/07/2019."Really appreciate your help". Dan

Alexandru. Passed first time "Brilliant Instructor"

FELICITY Passed 18/07/2019." Brilliant result. Thanks "

MOLLY Passed First time. Redditch test centre 22/07/2019

CAMERON.Passed Redditch test centre 27/08/2019."Friendly instructor putting you at ease. Always on TIME"

GUY. Passed First time. 03/10/2019. " Done with great help". Guy

MASON Passed First time. 03/10/2019. "YES"

Brandon. Passed First time. 16/10/2019. "thanks"


JADE. Passed First time. 17/10/2019." Less Time "

ADAM. Passed First time.29/10/2019."Calming good instructor"

NICOLA. Passed 1/11/2019." Thanks for your support "

TERRY.Passed First Time. Warwick test centre. 04/11/2019

CORDELIA Passed First Time12/11/2019

HARRY Passed 14/11/2019. " Good instructor"

HARRISON Passed. Warwick test centre. 14/12/2019

LUKE Passed 07/02/2020. " friendly helpful instructor."

ARAN.Passed 21/02/2020. Redditch test centre. " Really helpful good advice"

 ARAN. Passed. 21/02/2020."Really good drive. Thanks"

Brad. Passed. First Time. 24/02/2020 Redditch test centre. "happy"

Gabrielle. Passed 28/02/2020. Redditch test centre.

Elliot. Passed 12/03/2020. Redditch test centre. Friendly and supportive.


BEN PASSED. Today03/04/2019

Jonathan Passed. Redditch test centre. 28/05/2019."Thanks Andrew. clear instruction. With a calming pleasant manor". Jonathan

 EWAN.Passed 04/06/2019. " Just Brilliant instructor Thanks Andrew.

NAOMH.Passed. 06/06/2019."Very Happy with Andrew".Naomh

JESSICA. Passed. 15/06/2019. Redditch test centre."Very calm easy to learn.Always punctual" J

Sarah. Passed First time. 27/06/2019. " Great!Thanks for your support"Sarah

 ERIC. Passed.01/07/2019. Redditch test centre. " could not find a better instructor thanks"

Sarah Passed first time. 04/07/2019. "Thanks Andrew"

Emily Passed first time. 08/07/2019. Redditch test centre. "Good helpful advice. ThanksAndrew"